Meet laura

This is me.

Mama to 4, who bring out the crazy in me, but I absolutely adore.

I love subtle timeless neutrals, and anything sparkly.

I love the peace of early mornings before the world wakes up, and I am useless past 10pm.

I’m a lover of silly jokes, fresh mountain air, green smoothies, vegan food, quaint coffee shops, and the gym life.

I own more yoga pants and gym shoes than real grown up clothes.

I live for a good conversation with friends who set my soul on fire. I surround myself with people who have big goals and push me to do better and be better every day. I also hope to do that for others.

I fell in love with photography when my babies were little.¬† I just couldn’t miss a single moment or milestone during that fleeting stage in their lives¬† I quickly became fascinated with the art of lighting, posing and digital manipulation in that world. I love meeting new families and learning how they are unique and to have the opportunity to capture those moments that are special to them. Thats what photography is to me, capturing a moment that is otherwise gone forever, impossible to reproduce.

I can’t wait to learn about you, to listen to your story, and capture the magic and simplicity of your family’s connection!

Let’s connect!