How to plan for a snowy/mountain photography session!

There are SO many things I love about photographing people in a winter setting. The “cozy” feeling they bring, those snow capped trees, the mountains, the throwing snow into the air complete with giggles for the last and final shot before we call it in!  

When you’re thinking about outfits, the first thing to consider is WARMTH!  Absolutely wear that cute winter outfit, a statement coat with a toque, scarf and gloves or a warm, oversized, snuggly sweater with tall boots and a hat is super cute, but also wear thermals underneath and a big coat.  We can always shed coats and gloves for photos if you prefer and immediately put it back on in between photos.  Accessories always add interest, and a bonus if they keep you warm!

Consider bringing a pair of snow boots for walking between locations so your “nice” boots or shoes don’t get ruined!

Staying warm ensures that we get to shoot longer and you get more pictures!

Throw some hot chocolate in a thermos with travel mugs and we can have a hot chocolate party to keep the kids engaged!  Extra blankets can also be nice to have around for in between shots or for a wrapped up cuddly shot or to sit on.  You can tuck hand warmers into gloves or pockets and for the most part keep them hidden from the camera!

Email me to book your winter session in the mountains or in town!