There was this time when I booked 40 families in one weekend for a fundraising event, “a rain or shine event”….. and then we had that early snowfall in September that we get every year, BUT it was not just a snowfall, it was a blizzard on the second day of the shoot.  It was epic.  And these families were so amazing.  They showed up, smiles on, and excited anyway.  Snow was thrown, tickles were had, belly laughs and even one complete fail of a piggy back ride that ended with mom and daughter on the ground, umbrella in the air, laughing.  Because why not.  Life’s not perfect anyway.  I like to have fun, to capture your family together, smiling, happy, but in the moment, being as you are, perfectly imperfect.  And snow in your face or not, your family is absolutely, undeniably beautiful.  Don’t worry about the weather, don’t worry about your outfits being perfectly polished, just come with your connection, that bond that makes your family unique and special, and let’s have some fun!