I absolutely LOVE photographing newborns!  As a mom of 4 kiddos, I know how hectic those first few days of your new baby’s life are for you, which is why I recommend booking your newborn session BEFORE baby is born.  

SO… let’s pencil you in!

I’ll simply add your due date to my calendar, and then when baby arrives, you can text or email me to set up a date in those first 10 days of life!


I’ve learned a few tips and tricks over the years to help you feel prepared for your newborn session, and to ensure it goes as smoothly as possible.  Of course we know all baby’s come with their own personalities and temperaments, so no two sessions will be the same, but I have found a few common trends that help with almost ALL sessions!

  1. Try to keep baby awake for a minimum of 1 hour prior to packing him/her up and heading over.  if you have a hard time keeping baby awake, often times a bath will do the trick.  Most of the poses I’ll be shooting work best if baby is in a deep sleep, so best if you come with an exhausted baby.  This can sometimes be tough to accomplish but I promise it is worth it! Of course patience is key and sleepiness isn’t something we can always control, so if we aren’t able to have a sleepy baby depending on their mood/temperament that day, thats fine too!  Wide eyed newborn photos are some my my favourite!

2. In the 12 hours leading up to our session, feed baby as much as possible.  A well fed baby is a happy baby!  Of course there is always plenty of time to take breaks, as necessary, to help him/her refuel!  It’s tough being a model!

3. Pamper yourself!  You deserve it.  Get your hair and makeup done!  Looking relaxed and at your best will make you feel more comfortable during the session. This is an exciting time in your life and we want to capture all of that…so take care of yourself first!

4. Keep clothing simple. I recommend a light or neutral coloured shirt for mom and dad for the parent shots, as well as a black long sleeve shirt for dad if he has one for a shot of hands holding baby.  Throw in a little colour if you’d like, but skip the busy patterns! I also looooooove skin-on-skin portraits with you holding your baby against you. They’re so simple and timeless!  So if you want some portraits like this with your newborn, consider a strapless top or tank as an alternative.  Also bare, well kept nails are best, they will show up in the photos!

5. Be prepared for messes of all kinds. Babies do not care where, when and who they pee, poo, or spit up on..  And this doesn’t bother me at all, I expect it!  Please don’t let this embarrass you at all.  I’ve seen it all!  That is why I will be dressed in comfy clothes as I work, and why you would want to bring an extra set of clothing.

6. try to dress baby in a button up or zipper sleeper, avoiding anything that will need to go over his/her head.  Also loosen the diaper a little prior to coming so that we don’t have those little imprint marks all over baby’s bottom!  Nothing is the best wardrobe for a newborn. No outfit fits a newborn well and they often look swallowed in clothes. Accessories are good though– little hats, dainty headbands, etc. I have a wide selection of props that I will be using, however you are also welcome to bring any of your own that you might like to use.

7. bring a pacifier, even if you don’t intend to use one, it is very helpful during a newborn session!  Babies love to suckle, and especially while being moved around and posed a lot on photo day, a pacifier can be very soothing to get them into those sweet squishy poses!

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions!  Email laura@lauralouphotography.ca or call 403-918-3267.